June 2012


Installation for the "Art Is...festival" 2012, Horsham 

Every child loves to draw. It’s natural.
Why did you stop drawing?
Did someone tell you once that your picture didn’t look right?

Drawing is fun. Drawing is for everyone.
Drawing is natural.
Art is Nature.

In this installation, I have set up a drawing space in an empty warehouse shop front in Horsham, Victoria, to invite members of the public to join me in drawing for fun. I have also set up a painting studio alongside the Drawing Room so I can continue with my painting practice as well. 

Requirements for this installation include: Tables, chairs, rugs, pencils, pens, erasers, electric sharpener, sustainable forest paper, cushions, clipboards, reference books, book stands, organic teas, teapots, tea cosy, tea cups, jugs, tablecloths, honey, sugar, milk, rain water, electric kettle, esky, studio stools, easels, acrylic paints, mediums, varnish, canvases, jars, brushes, desktop for window promo, dividers, me, and people to draw with me.

The space has been provided by local real estate for Horsham's 2012 Art Is...festival. The project is funded by Regional Arts Victoria. My vision is to bridge the gap between members of the public who may not ever step inside a gallery to view artwork on display and local artists, that anyone may come in from the street to enjoy a cup of tea and draw with others for the fun of it. Once inside the building, the members of the public can see the rest of the art on display and take in festival performances which will be occurring daily during the eleven day festival, which opens Friday the 1st June. 

New Pencils. 

Looking in to my painting studio from
 street at night, drawing videos looping
throughout the festival.

Burka Woman sets up new space for photo shoot.