Gave the #LetThemStay banner to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, Melbourne

Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, 12th February 2016


Finalist piece for the Incinerator Art Award 2015: "Burka leads the way"

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 "Cultural Identity and my Ned and Burka Art"

August 7th 2015: Introducing my talk on Cultural Identity to Year 12 boys

 at Melbourne High School, Sth Yarra. 



"You spoke so well and had prepared your text and images meticulously. It was an enthralling and thought provoking presentation that opened up the boys minds to the experience that some people arriving here have, if they cannot find ‘a place to belong’."
(Alex Grimwade, Melbourne High English Teacher)

"Your presentation at Melbourne High was excellent. I wish you all the best with your art, and your spreading of the much-needed words of positivity about culture, diversity and integration. I hope, in the future, your art will make an even greater impact on our society.
(Matt Wong, Melbourne High Old Boy) 


Pink riverbed photo shoot, June 2015

Burka Woman feels safe in the pink riverbed, safe enough to take the niqab off. 
Ned's not yet convinced that the coast is completely clear.

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Ned and Burka on the Pink Lake in The Age again!!

ABC RN : Books and Art Tues 14th April 2015

Tune in here for Michael Cathcart with Tansy Curtin and Mars Drum at Bendigo Art Gallery
View Mars Drum, Ned and Burka Woman here

Mars Drum and Pamela Irving at the Opening of "Imagining Ned"
March 2015, Bendigo Regional Art Gallery

"A year in a burqa gives artist a new view of Ned Kelly's story"

27th March 2015 - Click here to read about Ned Kelly, Burka Woman and Mars Drum. 

Story by Larissa Romensky, ABC Central Victoria


"The Age", March 14 2015

"Imagining Ned"
Opening March 28, 2015
Bendigo Regional Art Gallery


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Easter Sunday Little Desert shoot 2015

"Desert Selfie"

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 WOW in 2014 Regional Arts Australia 2014 

"BELONGING - Great Art Stories from Regional Australia"
Published October 2014, this book can be downloaded from the RAA website.




On 23rd April 2014, Sir Peter and Lady Lynne Cosgrove visited Horsham for the day, and included a tour of our 2013 Writing on the Walls public art project on their itinerary. They were very interested in reading the various pieces of writing installed on the Library walls, and chatting to the participants of the Wow team who were able to be present. Soe Son Di describes the fears and dangers of her former life in the refugee camps on the Thai-Burmese border, and how she loves Horsham because she feels calm and safe.

You can check out Writing on the Walls of Horsham at

Easter Monday Pink Lake shoot 2014

More photographs of Ned Kelly and Burka Woman here.


Gallery Central, Nhill.  
Opening at 7 pm, this Friday the 11th April 2014
please join us.

Preview detail of my "Make a Move" installation in "Used", April 2014


Look out for me in issue 2 of Art Edit, a new magazine about living with art.

Art Edit Gallery, p. 54

Click here to view this piece: "Canan and Omar on the Wimmera River" 2014



DIMBOOLA COURIER :         OASIS gets wet at Dimboola today        Sunday, February 23 2014 
OASIS gets wet at Dimboola today

Harrison Po Kyaut and Mars Drum are pictured rowing at the river today.

OASIS Wimmera migrant families enjoyed time spent on the Wimmera River at Dimboola today during one of their regular outings.

Members, from countries including India, Bangladesh and Turkey, meet to absorb Australian culture in a variety of settings, and to meet new people around the area.

The group is supported by committee members Wendy McInnes of Laharum and Mars Drum of Dimboola, who assist the group with their local knowledge and skills. Today the group enjoyed boating and swimming on the Wimmera River, and a picnic on the bank on Riverside.

Mars was introduced to the OASIS group through the children of her Writing On Walls (WOW) project in Horsham. This involved migrant children having their ideas and thoughts about belonging here installed around Horsham on bench seats and at the library entrance.

Mars will be spending time with the group over Easter during a painting workshop at Dimboolas Arura campsite.

OASIS Wimmera was formed in 2010 by three migrants who wanted to assist overseas migrants to integrate into Australian society and understand the cultural transition between Australia and their country of origin.

All migrants are invited to join in with the group; the next outing will be a camping experience at Arura next month.

    Oasis Migrant Picnic Day, Riverside , Dimboola.

The couple in the boat in the background provided the subject for my latest painting: "Canan and Omar on the Wimmera River", the first finished in a new series depicting new migrants enjoying themselves in my Little Desert Wimmera River region where I now live and work.


   Books and Arts, Radio National ABC, Jan 2014

Tune in here to the discussion as to whether burqas should be "allowed" in Australian Art galleries or not (!) I get to throw in my two cents worth over the phone at some point.                                                                                                                          


The WOW launch: Saturday 22nd June 2013, Horsham. Here's a taster photo, check out the rest of the story and photos  by clicking on this: WOW Horsham

Latest News ::: Public Art Project ::: WOW!

ABC Open's Larissa Romensky has made a video of our WOW project

"The Writing's on the Wall"

Click here to watch! 

Or watch us on ABC1 television on Wednesday 12th June 2013 
at 9.55am and again at 8.55pm!

Writing on the Walls of Horsham

March - June 2013

  Mars Drum working with youth from the CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) community of Horsham.


APRIL 2013 NEWS!!!!

Mars Drum talks to ABC's Larissa Romensky, about Ned and Burka Woman.


ABC Open visits my indoor studio/lounge, click here!


Solo Exhibition

March/April 2013


Ned and Burka in Banyena

March 2013

Check out the Banyena Photo story here

October 2012

My backyard studio in Natimuk.

Click this link to see the entire Ned and Burka series, and brush up on the historical narratives behind individual works.

Only a limited number of paintings left from the series, so click here to view, choose, buy and enjoy.  

July 2012

As advertised in Australian Art Collector magazine Issue 61  July - Sept 2012
"Opening of the Guggenheim, Abu Dhabi  2013 "           Oils on canvas       51x41cm     2011            
Ned and Burka Woman felt right at home at the Grand Opening of the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi, 2013. Ned suspected that Canadian-American architect, Frank Gehry, had modelled the stunning museum design on the lines of his own unique armour. And Burka Woman really enjoyed showing off the Sidney Nolan works of Ned Kelly to her female UAE friends. 


June 2012


Installation for the "Art Is...festival" 2012, Horsham 

Every child loves to draw. It’s natural.
Why did you stop drawing?
Did someone tell you once that your picture didn’t look right?

Drawing is fun. Drawing is for everyone.
Drawing is natural.

Art is Nature.

In this installation, I have set up a drawing space in an empty warehouse shop front in Horsham, Victoria, to invite members of the public to join me in drawing for fun. I have also set up a painting studio alongside the Drawing Room so I can continue with my painting practice as well. 

Requirements for this installation include: Tables, chairs, rugs, pencils, pens, erasers, electric sharpener, sustainable forest paper, cushions, clipboards, reference books, book stands, organic teas, teapots, tea cosy, tea cups, jugs, tablecloths, honey, sugar, milk, rain water, electric kettle, esky, studio stools, easels, acrylic paints, mediums, varnish, canvases, jars, brushes, desktop for window promo, dividers, me, and people to draw with me.

The space has been provided by local real estate for Horsham's 2012 Art Is...festival. The project is funded by Regional Arts Victoria. My vision is to bridge the gap between members of the public who may not ever step inside a gallery to view artwork on display and local artists, that anyone may come in from the street to enjoy a cup of tea and draw with others for the fun of it. Once inside the building, the members of the public can see the rest of the art on display and take in festival performances which will be occurring daily during the eleven day festival, which opens Friday, 1st June. 

Looking in to my painting studio from
 street at night, drawing videos looping
throughout the festival.
New Pencils. 


 Burka Woman sets up new
space for photo shoot.

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