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Mediateka: (Archival) My six months residency at the Centrum Pro Metamedia, Czech Republic

Review: Artco, Taiwan  "Burkini Controversy, Visual Reasoning induced by Islamic Clothing"  Oct 2016

ABC Radio National: Interview with Books and Art, 

Michael Cathcart on Imagining Ned, April 2015

"Imagining Ned" (p.29) by Tansy Curtin, Bendigo Art Gallery 2015

A year in a Burqa gives Artist a new view of Ned Kelly's story, 

ABC Central Victoria, March 2015

The Age: Imagining Ned, Bendigo Art Gallery - Ned and Burka on the Pink Lake, March 2015



REMOVING BARRIERS TO PARTICIPATION   pp 15,16  Deakin University 2015

ABC Radio National : Podcast on burqas in Australian Art, Jan 2014

Mars Drum paintings for sale on Australian Collector's new online gallery: ArtEdit

ABC Open - The Writing's on the Wall 2013

Ned and Burka on ABC Open  2013

Review by Robert Nelson for The Age, 2010

Review - Muslim Village: Who's an Australian Hero? 2010

Radio National interview with Michael Cathcart, 2011

Bush Telegraph ABC Radio National - Burka Woman meets Ned Kelly - Michael Cathcart

Art Nomad - Mars Drum

Instagram: @mars.drum 


Mars Drum      @mars.drum

2016 -                                 Collaboration with Writing Through Fences, Rose Turtle Ertler. 
                                            Painting, photography: #nednburka 
2016 –2019                       Arts in Health research and practice:  Music and painting for people living with dementia. Aged Care in Horsham, Dimboola, Warracknabeal and Donald, Victoria.
March – June 2015          Participating artist, “Imagining Ned”, Bendigo Art Gallery, Vic.
Feb / March                      Co-coordinator of culturally diverse events, in collaboration with migrant group Oasis                                             Wimmera: river swimming, camping, plein air painting, multicultural cooking.
Feb – Jul 13                       Local Artist/Producer, Wow Project,, SFYS /HRCC , Horsham, Vic.
                                            20 weeks facilitating writing workshops and public art with cultural diverse youth                                                    aged from 8 - 16, their poetry installed in steel on CBD public seats/walls.
Mar 2013                           Solo Artist, "New and Past Works", Goat Gallery, Natimuk, Vic. – oil paintings.
May/Jun 12                        Solo Artist, Future/Present - Art Is Nature”, RAV funded/ "Art Is..." Horsham, Vic.
                                             A month of daily drawing sessions, inviting Horsham shoppers, passersby, school                                              children and families to draw together in temporary warehouse arts studio.
Oct/Nov 11                        Co-Producer/Artist, Extremely”, RAV funded, Natifrinj, Natimuk, Vic.
                                             One month residency, Goat Gallery, Natimuk, collaborative theatre project                                                                 with  Rose Turtle Ertler, local Dementia Unit and primary school children.
Mar 2011                            Solo Artist“Beyond the Burka”, Arthur Gallery, Ballarat, Vic. - oil paintings.
Feb 2010                             Solo Artist“In Habit” , Lab X Gallery, St Kilda, Vic. - oil paintings.
July 11- Dec 11                   Owner Director, "Writing Time", CNLC, Carlton, Vic.
                                              Primary aged girls writing what they want & how they want in a safe space.
Jul 07 – Dec 11                   Owner Director, "Drawing Time", CNLC, Carlton, Vic.
                                              Girls Drawing club, Boys drawing club, drawing what they want & how they want.
Oct 2008                             Solo Artist, “Mask”, C3 Abbotsford Convent, Vic. -oil paintings.
Jul 08 – Oct 08                   Resident Artist/Video ProducerSacred Fire/Boom Festival, Portugal
                                             Working with culturally diverse community on art gardens, documentation.
Apr  05 – Oct 06                Resident Artist/Director, Drawing Time: Maze Studios, Brunswick, Vic.
May 03 - Dec 03                Facilitator/Producer,  DrawingTime workshops, Carlton North Learning Centre, Vic.
Sept 01 - current               Artist - The True History of Ned Kelly and Burka Woman: painting, performance.
May 00- Dec 00                 Resident Artist, Westerdockdijk  Studios, Amsterdam, NL – painting / writing.      
Jan - May 00                       Arts Video Production, Vrie Keyser Television, Amsterdam, NL – voluntary.
Jun - Dec 99                        Resident Artist /Projects Coordinator, Centrum Pro Metamedia, Plasy, Cz Rep.
                                              Assistant coordinator for international symposium, community events / exhibitions,                                               resident artists. Also Audio-visual technician.
Mar 98- Jul 98                    Video documentation/resident artist, C.I.P. VI: The Bridge, Footscray, Vic.
                                              Events facilitator, video documentation for international artists, resident artist.
Apr 97- Dec 97                   Resident Artist, video/painting. Fortunate Boat Studios, Abbotsford Convent, Vic.
Feb 95- Oct 96                   Production assistant: The Dear Marias Theatre Co., St. Kilda, Vic.
                                             Bookings for schools, costume assistance, video documentation.
Mar 94 - Oct 96                 Co-producer/director: “The Move”, Channel 31, Melbourne, Vic.
                                             Music/arts television series launching Channel 31. Production, marketing, editing.
Jun 93 - Jan 94                   Arts/cultural research:  Turkey, Ireland, India and Thailand
Jan 92- Nov 92                   Arts/cultural research:  Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal and India
Apr 88- Apr 90                   Arts/cultural research:  Ireland, UK, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands

Some Media Images

Wow-Writing on the Wall, Horsham 2013

Regional Arts Australia, "Belonging" 2014

More Ned and Burka articles 2001 - 2013

Review by Robert Nelson, The Age 2010 - "In Habit" Lab X Gallery, St Kilda

Fight Slavery performed weekly by Mars Drum

City Lights Gallery, Melbourne 2001

Saving Abbotsford Convent  1999

Construction in Process VI, The Bridge, Melbourne 1998

 "The Move", Channel 31  arts/culture series, 1994, 1995, 1996