Media and CV



2016 - 2020                 Painting/photography/video: #nednburka  #australiens #livingonaboriginalland
2016 - 2020                 Music /art therapy for people living with dementia, Regional Victoria
2016                            Collaboration with Writing Through Fences, Rose Turtle Ertler.
2016                            Art/Music coordinator, Dimboola Food Festival – RAV funded 
2015                            Group exhibition, “Imagining Ned”, Bendigo Art Gallery, Vic.
2014                            Artist: Aiming for Independence,Wimmera Uniting Care, Horsham, Vic.
2013                            “Wow Project, SFYS /HRCC funded, CALD Public Art, Horsham, Vic.
2013                            Solo Exhibition, "New and Past Works", Goat Gallery, Natimuk, Vic. 
2012                            Public Art, Future/Present - Art Is Nature”, RAV funded, Horsham, Vic.
2011                            Co-Producer/Artist/Rose Turtle Ertler: “Extremely”, RAV funded, Natifrinj, Vic.
2011                            Solo Exhibition, “Beyond the Burka”, Arthur Gallery, Ballarat, Vic.
2011                            Owner Director, "Writing Time", Girls weekly writing club, CNLC, Carlton, Vic.
2010                            Solo Artist, “In Habit” , Lab X Gallery, St Kilda, Vic. (Robert Nelson, The Age)
2017 - 2011                 Owner Director, "Drawing Time", Weekly drawing clubs, CNLC, Carlton, Vic.
2008                            Solo Exhibition “Mask”, C3 Abbotsford Convent, Vic.
2008                            Resident Artist/Video Producer, Sacred Fire / Boom Festival, Portugal
2005 - 2006                 Owner Director, Drawing Time, Maze Studios, Brunswick, Vic.
2003                            Artist / Facilitator, DrawingTime , Carlton North Learning Centre, Vic.
2001- current              The True History of Ned Kelly and Burka Woman: painting, performance.
2001                            Fight Slavery - City Lights Gallery - Hosier Lane, performance program.
2000                            Artist- social investigation: 1 year No money Just Art, Amsterdam, NL.
2000                            Arts Video documentation, Vrie Keyser Television, Zaal 100,  Amsterdam, NL.
1999                            Resident Artist / video, Centrum Pro Metamedia, Plasy, Czech Rep.
1998                            Video documentation / resident artist, C.I.P. VI: The Bridge, Footscray, Vic.
1997                            Resident Artist, Fortunate Boat Studios, Abbotsford Convent, Vic.
1995 - 1996                 Dear Marias Theatre Co, production assistant, St. Kilda, Vic.
1994 - 1996                 Co-producer / director: “The Move”, Channel 31, Melbourne, Vic.
1993                            Arts / cultural research: 6 months: Turkey, Ireland, India and Thailand
1992                            Arts / cultural research: 1 year Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, India
1988 - 1990                 Arts / cultural research: 2 years: Ireland, UK, Spain, Greece, Turkey, NL


Regional Arts Australia, "Belonging" 2014

Review by Robert Nelson "The Age": Mars Drum "In Habit", LabX gallery, St Kilda 2010

"Ban Sweatshops in Australia" - Melbourne city weekly performances, 2001
City Light Gallery, Hosier Lane 2002

Fortunate Boat Studios: "Saving Abbotsford Convent" - The Melbourne Times 1999

Construction in Process VI, The Bridge, Melbourne 1998

"The Move", Channel 31 music arts culture series, 1994 - 96