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REMOVING BARRIERS TO PARTICIPATION   pp 15,16  Deakin University 2015

Wow-Writing on the Wall, Horsham 2013

Regional Arts Australia, "Belonging" 2014

Local news coverage of Horsham's Writing on the Walls (Wow) public art project

Painting Workshops

STREET ART: Billy Williams of Horsham paints a wall at Horsham Regional Art Gallery. His painting is part of a Wimmera Parklife exhibit which is running in conjunction with travelling exhibition SKATE – Portraits by Nikki Toole.

Horsham’s Billy Williams had his first taste of art without condemnation last week.
Originally from Perth, the 23-year-old used his graffiti skills to paint a wall at Horsham Regional Art Gallery temporary home at Jubilee Hall in conjunction with a touring exhibition called SKATER – Portraits by Nikki Toole.
Williams accepted an invitation to paint the wall in a ‘Wimmera Parklife’ section of the gallery after word spread of his talent following an art workshop led by artist Mars Drum.

Drum said she met Williams through Wimmera Uniting Care’s Aiming 4 Independence program.
“I had a lot of variety in pens at the workshop and I saw him doing this really classic graffiti-style writing,” she said.
“Billy told me he was from Perth and that he had a group of graffiti friends over there that were more like a family to him than his own family.
“He said the police would let them work on certain areas but when he came to Horsham they said straight away that they had him on record and wouldn’t be letting him paint. They even call him every now and then to remind him.”


Drum said she spoke to a friend who worked at Horsham Rural City Council, who then passed on the idea to Horsham director Adam Harding. She said the SKATER exhibition, which opened last on Friday was the perfect opportunity to exhibit Billy’s talent.
“It just looks so impressive,” she said.
Williams said it the artwork took him about two hours and it was nice to be able to paint again since he moved from Perth in 2008.
“It’s the first time I’ve really been able to paint something legally,” he said. “I usually have to break the law.”
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Posted on Feb 20 2013

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