Ned & Burka paintings gallery

The entire Ned & Burka series (over 120 oil paintings) can be viewed 



 The True Story of Ned Kelly and Burka Woman 2004 - 2013  

"Self-portrait"       oil on linen           2018
 “Heartwave”  2013, oil on canvas, 60 x 50 cm

"Ned and Burka, Lake Toolondo" 2011,  70 x 56cm, oil on linen     

      “Guideline 1”  2012, oil on linen,   45.7 x 45.7 cm      

"One for the Road"2010, 20 x 25cm, Oil on canvas    

"Burka and the Gang" 2010,  51x41cm   Oil on canvas 
"Ned teaches Burka the Pride of Erin"   
2009  70x35cm    Oil on canvas     
"Scream"  2010, 25x20cm ,Oil on canvas     
   "Catwalk " 2010, 25 x 20cm, Oil on canvas    

     "Reflection" 2010, 41x51cm   Oil on canvas    

"Holy Heist"2009,  51x41cm  Oil on canvas      
"Sermon on the Mount"   2010, 51 x 41 cm, oil on canvas 

     "Spilt Milk"       2009   51x41cm             Oil on canvas     

Burka and Ned at the Guggenheim I
 2009    25x20cm   Oil on canvas    

    "Burka and Ned at the Guggenheim V" 
       2009    25x20cm    Oil on canvas          

           "Pass"  2010, 25x20cm, Oil on canvas          

"Sunset shot" 2009    25x20cm   Oil on canvas  

"Bon Voyage"  2009   30.5x25.5cm   Oil on canvas  

"Sleepwalkers"    2009        51x41cm   Oil on canvas   

"Evening Red" 2010,  41x51cm  Oil on canvas    

"Blessed Burka Woman"  2009  70x35cm    Oil on canvas  

"Follow the Dream"  2009,  51x41cm,  Oil on canvas   

"Burka at Sea"   2007, 30x30cm   Oil on canvas 


View the entire series here: The True Story of Ned Kelly and Burka Woman 2004 - 2013  

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