Ned & Burka paintings

Happy International Women's Day 2022

Painting and video by Mars Drum

Music by You Yous - Rose Turtle Ertler & Tina Havelock Stevens

"Ned and Burka help me process my own transmutations and responses 
within the seismic context of an imploding nation and planet. 
I just want to smash all the existing regressive societal constructs 
that limit who we are and can be. 
See how Ned and Burka now merge, overlap, transition, shift shapes colours moods...
uniting in heartache and love, hope and loss...
the Eyeseeyou series includes eyes that see you and each other clearly as one race.
We are one race. We're the human race."

2020 SMALL WORKS - Acrylics on paper



View the entire 2004 - 2013 series of oil paintings here: 
The True Story of Ned Kelly and Burka Woman   

September 2021 Update: 
I've made a short show-reel of some of the oil paintings 
from The True History of Ned Kelly and Burka Woman series
2001 - 2013
Click HERE to see this show-reel in HD on Vimeo

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